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SERVICES (please provide access to)
I will call at about the same time each day  
Read carefully any notes left for me  
Feed and water your cats according to instructions (plenty of food)
Groom, play and talk to your cats (toys and brush)
Check for possible wounds (cat’s vet notes)
Arrange vet visit if required (cat basket)
Walk round the property, check for open windows  
Turn off taps and any electrical equipment  
Clear and refresh litter trays daily (plenty litter/bags)
Sweep floor round litter trays (dustpan & brush)
Wash up cat bowls and utensils (ample bowls)
Clean round cat feeding area (cleaning materials)
Leave sink clean and tidy  
Water and feed house plants (watering can)
Water garden pots in hot weather (hose and o/s tap)
Check on automatic garden watering systems  
Open and close greenhouse  
Pick up and sort post daily  
Open and close curtains if required  
Switch lights on or off if required  
Empty kitchen waste bin (bin bags)
Read instructions once more  
Leave you a short note on how we got on together  
Leave your home in a clean and secure order.  


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