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My much loved Siamese Hoover stopped eating over Christmas 2006.  I tried
everything I knew to get him to eat, but had to admit defeat and on
5 February 07 he died in my arms and was cremated on 14 February

Rewind to July 2006.
I found myself looking after four 3-week old orphaned kittens.  Old as he
was, Hoover immediately took over kit-sitting duties.  He was very good at
it, but, true to form, settled down in their bed!
© Your Happy Cats Hoover surveying the scene!
They were rather lively at times, but Hoover never once retaliated!
There were times when Hoover wondered if he had done the right thing!  So much mess!
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
Fortunately the kittens slept a lot! Sometimes the kittens missed their mum and went off on their own.!
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
The kittens' mother lying in state
The kittens had lots of toys to play with
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
And Hoover kept them warm and cosy and sometimes he got the basket to himself!
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
but not often!
All too soon, the 2 boy kits with white socks went to their new owners and
the two rascals with khaki socks became Buster & BooBoo and stayed with me.
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
and they played ... and they slept ...
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
Buster & BooBoo had their friend Oscar to tea ... dinner ... When Oscar finally went home the boys slept again!
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
After their injections to boys went out, and then Hoover really worried!
Hoover was always glad when they were
safely back in doors.
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
Don't you have a home to go to Oscar? Birdies come here
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
We're gorgeous! My little high flyer!
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
We've had such a busy day Hoover, but its lovely to have you to curl up
with at the end of the day.
Mum you're not leaving me are you?
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
Me and my brother
This is Buster running the office
© Your Happy Cats © Your Happy Cats
BooBoo doing what BooBoo does best!
Buster the action cat!

Thank you to all of you who have been trying to find Benny a new home.

I’m pleased to tell you that he went to his new home just before Easter and according to Nick and Lynn he has settled in well. So well Nick can’t get him off his lap! That’s my Benny!

Thank you Nick & Lynn, it was a real pleasure to meet you both.

2 happy cats   2 happy cats
This is Hoover, my own cat, waiting for food as usual. He is 14 years old, and now qualifies as a Grumpy Old Man!

One of his more winsome poses, but look at those claws!
2 happy cats   2 happy cats
Ena is an elderly fostered feral who has been with me for five years now.

She likes nothing better to chill out on the deck after a large dinner.
2 happy cats   2 happy cats
Ned is my favourite feral, again a long term border, he is so sweet natured.
  Looks a bit of a squash on the shelf, but at least no one can push him off!
2 happy cats   2 happy cats
If his owners recognise him, do let me know how he and his sister Odd Stockings are getting on.
One of my fostered kittens I called Muldoon, he must be three years old now!
These cuties are Hoover’s littermates.   They looked so innocent then!
She loved lazing in the garden, as do all the cats.
Trudie was a fostered mum who was rehomed with two of her kittens several years ago.

My Hoover again! Spoilt boy!
  Always has an eye for a good pose.
Thank you Jane!
I’m delighted to report that Saffy now has a new home with Jane, a near neighbour of mine, so Saffy still pops in to see how I am.
Tabitha has now been rehomed with a lovely lady called Kate. Thank you!
  She now has everything she ever wanted, to be the one and only cat!

May-belle is a very old feral, who’s previous carer went into a home.

  May-belle roamed the streets until she was handed in to Celia Hammonds just a year ago. She is safe and happy now.

Wizzy is Trudie’s kitten who never quite found a new home, so she remains with me, she likes to sleep out in the summer but enjoys the warmth of the conserva-tory in the winter months where she has her own cosy box.

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