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Ten years daily cat feeding experience around Blackheath, Lewisham, Lee and east Greenwich.

Over ten years service with Celia Hammond Animal Charity and Cats Protection League as

  • Voluntary office worker
  • Short term fosterer of mother cats and the care of kittens
  • Long term fostering of old and young disabled feral cats unable to fend for themselves
  • Short term fostering of rescued cats

If I am concerned about the health of your cat I will contact you to discuss the matter first before contacting your vet.

In the event of an emergency your cat will be taken directly to his/her vet or emergency locum.

If there is concern about any aspect of a cat's behaviour, I will discuss these with a local Cat Behaviourist and ensure that your cat receives the best treatment available in your absence. There is no charge for this service.

The proceeds from my cat feeding business go towards providing food, heating and shelter for my feral garden cats. Not to mention fresh fish treats … away-days at the seaside … Gucci slippers … !

Extract from Celia Hammond Animal Trust Newsletter 2002

“Pam’s haven for elderly ferals.

Pam, one of our volunteers, has given up part of her garden to provide a retirement home of a small group of elderly feral cats.

Pam has three heated cattery shelters with runs, constructed by CHAT, the doors of which she leaves open, so the cats are free to come and go. She feeds the cats inside the runs so that if any of them need veterinary attention, the doors can be closed to enable them to be caught. Update: Pam has since added a third shelter, all have heating and lighting.

Elsie and Ena her mum, 14 and 15 years old, lived in a tyre yard in New Cross. They came to us when the lady who fed them became too unwell to continue daily feeding. CHAT trapped the cats, and took them to Pam, after they had been to the clinic for dentals and checkups. Ena enjoyed her retirement in Pam’s beautiful garden. Update: Sadly, Elsie had to be put to sleep earlier this year (2004) as her back legs could no longer support her weight and Ena, her mum died July 2006 from a tumour.

Ollie came to CHAT in 2001, soaked in engine oil. He had appeared at a scrap yard in Deptford. After trapping he was anaesthetised and bathed, but we were left with the concern that he may have ingested oil and thus damaged his internal organs. He was elderly and had previously been neutered. Routine blood test showed some degree of kidney trouble, which may have been related to swallowing the oil. Ollie was transferred under Pam’s watchful eye early in 2002 and enjoyed a happy 18 months but developed a tumour in his stomach last summer and had to be put to sleep.

Ned and Jenny were strays who lived in the gardens surrounding a block of flats in Greenwich, which were being demolished. They joined Pam in 2000, unfortunately Jenny had to be put to sleep with kidney failure, but Ned is still going strong and must be about 18 years old now and still very handsome. He allows himself to be stroked and groomed and is always first in the queue for breakfast and dinner … and seconds … and thirds!!

IF YOU are interested in fostering feral cats in your garden, do call us for more information. An old shed can easily be converted to a cosy home, or we may be able to provide a ‘cat house’ if needed”. www.celiahammond.org

Updated May 2007

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